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Our Mission:

“I am dedicated to keeping you one step ahead of your competition and to delivering a high return on your PR investment.”
- Joanne Carroll
Some of Our Work:

RR Builders RR Builders

VW Homes VW Homes

VW Homes Wyndham Homes

Wyndham Homes Wyndham Homes

Wyndham Homes Connecticut HOBI Awards Article

What We've Done...

Avonridge Inc. – market research and publicity.
Baker Companies – publicity campaign.
Barrington Building Company - publicity.
Blansfield Builders - publicity.
Cannondale Building & Design – publicity.
CMB Capital Appreciation – grass roots campaign and local newspaper publicity.
The Dowler Group – market research, regional and local publicity.
The Fieber Group – publicity.
Four Square Builders – marketing plan.
Gilbane Properties - publicity.
Greyrock Companies – public relations campaign and regional/local publicity.
HBA of Connecticut – focus group research, Connecticut Builder magazine, HOBI
Heritage Development Group – market research, regional and local publicity.
Karp Associates – local publicity.
Kohl Partners – publicity campaign.
Landworks LLC – marketing, public relations; zoning presentation.
Leyland Alliance – grass roots campaign, zoning presentation, market research and
Metro Realty Inc. – marketing and publicity.
Midstate Development – zoning presentation, marketing and publicity.
Mountain Run Development – publicity.
Northwind Development – marketing and public relations.
Orvedal Builders – zoning presentation, marketing and public relations.
Pinnacle Communities LLC – public relations campaign.
RR Builders – marketing and public relations.
Sunlight Construction – marketing, focus group research & publicity.
Sunwood Development – marketing, focus group research & publicity.
T&M Building Company - publicity.
Thylan Associates – marketing, grass roots & publicity.
VW Homes, LLC – marketing, focus group research & publicity.
Town of Madison EDC – market research.
Wilder Properties - publicity.
William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty – focus group research; seminar
Wolman Construction – regional publicity & market research.
Wyndham Homes – public relations campaign, regional and local publicity.